European Heritage Days

The European Heritage Days are a cultural event shared by millions of citizens across Europe, participating in the thousands of activities planned in the framework of the Days promoted by the Council of Europe and the European Union. Accomplished in all member countries, activities are a key contribution to highlight the importance of Cultural Heritage and the rich diversity of the European cultural mosaic.

In the context of the theme of the 2017 Days, the relationship between Heritage and Nature is celebrated, drawing attention to the complexity of the “cultural landscapes” that everyone is interested in valuing and preserving. The relationship between people, places and their history will prove to be fundamental for the understanding and appreciation of the territories and their communities. At the same time, the relationship between Heritage and Nature offers us the opportunity, through the knowledge and creativity that it can foster, to generate important dynamics for the cultural, social and economic development that everyone is interested in achieving.

The “Mosaico – Conímbriga e Sicó” Project, in association with the European Heritage Days, has prepared a Diversified Activity Program during the month of September 2017, to be carried out at the Archaeological Sites and Museums involved in its Network.

Guided tours